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She Negotiates Reproductive Justice.

We’ll be donating ten percent of our fees to the Reproductive Rights organizations of our clients’ choice, in their names or, if they choose, in the name of SheNegotiates.

Because you can’t negotiate your life if you aren’t free to choose

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You need a turn-by-turn roadmap that leverages your brilliance and positions you powerfully. And that’s what we deliver.

We help you create a step-by-step roadmap for the next right move in your career or business.

We arm you with a sturdy, problem-solving conversation strategy, word-for-word scripts to back it up, and skills you can use for the rest of your life.


Case Study

Sophia*s Encounter with Venture Capital.

Sophia is a reconstructive plastic surgeon in a new specialty. Because she speaks to physicians and publishes academic papers on cutting edge surgical techniques, she appeared like low hanging fruit to a VC firm entering the field. Sophia was excited about the offer which included a move to a far more exciting - and expensive - city than the one where she built her international reputation.

Sophia needed help understanding the complicated plan presented in the VC’s opaque term sheet. And she needed help fast. Within thirty days, Sophia was armed with critical market data, a list of questions to ask about the practice’s complicated path to equity participation, and a detailed roadmap that enabled her to negotiate a far better deal than the offer on the table. She not only bested that offer in base salary, but also in a signing bonus, performance bonuses, moving and housing expenses and greater equity participation. She said she couldn’t have done any of it without us.

*not her real name

Sophia not only scored a big negotiation win, she did so without changing her natural communication style.


That was Sophia’s unique challenge. Yours requires a tailored roadmap too.

Your roadmap starts here.

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