Negotiate and lead with Confidence.

Become bolder, braver, and better paid with our expert coaches.

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We are coaches who can sharpen your negotiation skills.

Maybe you quake like a jellyfish at the thought of being told No. Even so, we can navigate you to Yes every time.

We are perceptive strategists.

We can script your dialogue, fine tune your storytelling, and, when needed, amplify your roar. If your brand’s message has gone fuzzy, we can help you smooth things out. Empower your signals. Embolden your voice. 

Maybe you’ve been missing your cue.

If so, we can get you back on your feet. We’ll even choreograph your victory dance. 

We help you create a step-by-step strategic plan.

We arm you with sturdy, confidence-building negotiation skills that will help you for the rest of your life. By request, we follow that up with leadership coaching to help you show up strong and hit your career goals out of the park.


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Private coaching to strategize your negotiation opportunity and make your wallet too big for your purse.


1-Hour Pick My Brain
Strategy Session


Got an offer and don’t know what your best next move could be? Don’t panic, be strategic. Get quick, personally-tailored advice you can use immediately.

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Strategy Session


Avoid salary negotiation fumbles and saying yes to lowball offers. Earn your worth with research, a scripted strategic plan, and the confidence to make it so.

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Done Deal
Retainer Package


Whether you’re just starting the interview process or navigating a complex business deal, we’ll take you from research to strategy to done deal.

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Why She Negotiates?



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