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You need a turn-by-turn roadmap that leverages your brilliance and positions you powerfully.

Together we create a step-by-step roadmap for the next right move in your career or business. Armed with a sturdy, problem-solving negotiation strategy, word-for-word scripts to back it up, and role playing experiences to deliver our strategy in your voice, you’ll finally get the promotions and compensation packages you deserve.


You already know the drill. Learn your market value and where you ought to sit in your organization’s pay bands. Make the first proposal, pitching it to your employer’s interests. Break the deal into as many parts as possible to enable yourself to trade across issues. Know your bottom line, stick to it and plan your concessions in advance.

The devil, and your future, is in the details. Put a decade of compensation consulting experience together with a quarter century of commercial legal practice in your back pocket.

Unsure? Try our Hundred Buck Hour.

What our HUNDRED buck hour delivered

THANK YOU for our conversation about my career and my "second act" pivot. I took so many notes during our brief conversation, and you have really inspired me to think differently. You were able to diagnose my seemingly complex feelings about my career within minutes. (I'm still amazed.) Not only that, but you have changed my outlook: I got on the phone feeling perplexed about my next career moves and got off the phone feeling more motivated and inspired than ever.

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 She Negotiates Reproductive Justice

We DONATE ten percent of our fees to the Reproductive Rights organizations of our clients’ choice.

Because you can’t negotiate if you aren’t free to choose