What a Tailored Strategic Plan Looks like

It looks like she’s cheating

She looks like she’s cheating, but what she’s doing is following a tailored strategic plan. That plan makes it look like she’s taken off before the bell has rung. But that’s not what happened.

What happened is that no one else heard the bell.

How We Prepare Your Strategic Compensation Plan

To write your tailored strategic plan, we learn as much as we can about your business, your allies, your experience, your accomplishments and perhaps most importantly, your company’s interests, i.e., their needs, desires, fears, preferences, priorities, history, values and mission.

We learn that lickedly split - well, I do - because I spent twenty-five years litigating and trying commercial disputes between business entities. To successfully do that, I had to learn not only my client’s business and business interests, but also its adversary’s commercial endeavors and its interests. Then I had to strategize for them (in my head only of course) and plan to counter what I believed would be their most successful strategy.

Within the legal framework (the applicable “law”) we’d then craft a written strategic litigation and trial plan that characterized (“framed”) our client’s right to win in positive, jury-friendly terms and characterized our adversary (greedy or deceptive or law breaking, etc.) and its goals in a negative way that we believed would sway the jury in our client’s favor.

The beauty of negotiation strategic plans and the reason I love this work more than I loved the all-or-nothing, adversarial, win-lose game I played for a quarter of a century are many:

  • there’s no one on the other side anticipating and guarding against my clients’ strategies and tactics;

  • we don’t demonize our clients’ bargaining partners. In fact, we praise them;

  • we don’t think in terms of win-lose. Instead, we enable our client’s request for market compensation as mutually beneficial to both parties’ interests;

  • at the end of the day, my clients are happy. No one who’s gone through the wringer of the adversary system is happy, even if they win;

  • still loving victory, its exhilarating to help my clients increase their compensation by 20 to 40% (and on the rare occasion, 50 to 100%);

  • I love my clients. Genuinely. We form a bond working together and their victories make me proud of them, something that makes me as happy or happier than I am with myself for helping them achieve their dreams.

A blog post outlining a tailored strategic plan would be way too long and no one except someone really really interested in taking their career to the next level would read it. So I used several clients’ negotiation plans and stuck them together as a single hypothetical plan to protect their privacy.

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