We're Not Here to Teach You Negotiation

We’re here to problem solve

. . . because equal pay is a board game

We're Here to Solve Your Problem

Wait, What? You're SheNegotiates.com, right?

You want to sell me a webinar, invite me into your closed Facebook group, tell me to make the first offer, plan my concessions in advance, re-frame the facts supporting my desired role, job, position, status, salary, hector me about knowing my "true market value," teach me how to weaponize my gender boundaries and ask me to do that which I know I won't be able to do - ask for a 20% raise and two-step promotion so, really, don't bother me.

I like what I do. Money isn't that important to me. Life is hard enough without adding the stress of negotiation to it.

Nope, Not Here to Make You Negotiate

I have a friend who was once a client, then a friend, then a client again. That's how women work. We form bonds of trust and continue to give one another business.

Anyway, this tough-as-nails, hard-bitten, straight-talking business woman called me one day and asked,

Now that I Know How to Negotiate Do I Have to Do It?

The answer is, of course, no. I don't negotiate with people who need the deal more than I do. I'm not talking peer-to-peer. I'm talking, for instance, the assistants I used to hire to work in my home office (all help is virtual now, and setting its own prices). They, my assistants, were always freshly graduated from some prestigious university and drifting around not knowing what to do. They deserved a living wage and I paid it. Soon enough they’d go too off to start their career lives and I hoped that I'd helped a little in their launching.

So, there's that. And then there are also situations in which you are getting something valuable that can't be monetized and the stability of that relationship is more important to you right now than making more money. You're "being of service" and that is so valuable to your future that, no, you don't need to make that relationship transactional.

So What Does She Negotiates Do?

When you're ready for a raise or a new job at a far higher salary, we problem solve. We assess your strengths, your market value, your revenue-driving or cost-saving brilliance, your company's needs and challenges, your allies, institutional knowledge, and reputation in your industry. We look for the obstacles that keep getting in the way of your promotion or increased compensation.

Even the best of us have trouble seeing those obstacles. We all need a guide with fresh eyes to see what's really happening in. Why Jane in HR - who you suspect to be involved in a too intimate relationship with the married Controller - keeps telling you she doesn't have the authority to offer you more than a 3% raise this year.

we all need a guide

It's messy. Life. We Look at All of It

What we do is to put a negotiator and business advisor in your back pocket with a plan that looks something like a game board. Chutes and Ladders. Careers. Risk. Heck, Candyland. Then we walk around that board with you.

We supercharge what you've already accomplished, the relationships you've already established, the business environment you're in, the culture you encounter.

Then we get you what you want. Sometimes more than you want.

That's what we do. Follow my calendly link for a 50 Buck Power Call.

Grateful Clients

Here’s what one recent 50 Buck Client said about our first call.

THANK YOU for our conversation about my career and my "second act" pivot. I took so many notes during our brief conversation, and you have really inspired me to think differently. You were able to diagnose my seemingly complex feelings about my career within minutes. (I'm still amazed.) Not only that, but you have changed my outlook: I got on the phone feeling perplexed about my next career moves and got off the phone feeling more motivated and inspired than ever.

Get yourself some of that. If you don’t get the goods, we’ll refund your money. It doesn’t get better than that.