Her salary expectations were so low she nearly lost the job

Take a look at Randy Cohen's Ethicist Column in the New York Times today.  The lesson?  Undervaluing yourself not only means you're working harder and making less, it also means you won't be considered "savvy enough" to get the job!

A freelance project manager, I was hired to find someone to fill a highly specialized job. When I asked an impressive candidate her pay rate, she named a figure far below the industry standard. I could have rejected her for this lack of sophistication or exploited her low bid. Instead, I coached her to a figure nearly twice her bid yet about 30 percent below my client’s budget. I did not inform my client about the discrepancy, and she was hired at the rate I recommended. Did I do wrong by either party? NAME WITHHELD,NEW YORK

Click here for Randy's answer.

Don't wait a minute longer to recalibrate your market value, ask for it and get it!