win-win is not kumbya

My husband - god love him - firmly believes that interest-based negotiation  concerns the way the parties feel about the deal they have reached and that distributive, positional negotiation concerns who actually "wins," i.e., who gets the greatest part of the value out of the deal. 

No no no no no I say between mouthfuls of chicken kabob so lovingly grilled by him.

Interest-based negotiation is about getting the best deal for both parties.

Just like I said, he responds, asking if I'm sure I don't want some of his garden salad.  Interest-based negotiation is about how happy the parties are, not who wins.

Oy, where are my oral advocacy skills when I need them?

Then today, the holy grail definition of interest-based negotiation.  Ready?

An integrative [or interest-based] agreement is a negotiated outcome that leaves no resource unutilized.

That's what I'm talkin' about! 

Any bets on the outcome of tonight's dinner conversation?

Victoria PynchonComment