negotiating the ordinary business of life

I never read the business page of the newspaper. 

I didn't want to work on Sunday morning.

Here's how I read the Sunday New York Times.

  • the magazine
  • the "Style" section (Carrie Bradshaw called it the Women's Sports page, particularly with reference to the wedding announcements)
  • the Front Page
  • the Sunday Book Review (I was a Lit major after all)
  • Arts & Leisure
  • Travel

Business went straight to the trash.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking like an employee, that's how was I thinking.  What I was thinking was paycheck, 401K, time off, Christmas bonus, profit sharing.

Now I read the business page first.  For three reasons. 

  • Because Whitney Johnson handed me a business koan several weeks ago that I keep applying to my personal life ~ if markets are efficient, I should succeed best at what I do best.  (not a direct quote)
  • because the Sunday Money column quoted the "great economist Alfred Marshall" as saying economics is the "study of mankind in the ordinary business of life."
  • because knowing what's happening in business has become the business of my life at She Negotiates.
Victoria PynchonComment