Flexworkers and Entrepreneurs: Your Cautionary Balance Tale and Your Solution

It’s 10 a.m. She gets up from working on a deadline project at her computer to get another cup of tea and turns back around to save and name her document. On the way to the kitchen, she notices the pile of laundry on couch, while her three dogs follow her into the kitchen to beg for a treat. She puts water in the tea kettle, gets the treats, pets the dogs, and decides to throw the dog bed covers into the wash, and realizes the wet load in the washer has to be hung on the line (yes, she even hangs laundry in the sun).

After hanging the laundry, she heads back to her office, but on the way she dead-heads a few begonias and decides to re-pot the cactus that’s outgrown its home. She heads back in to the kitchen to wash her hands when her land line rings. While she’s on the phone taking an appointment her cell phone rings and she puts her client on hold to answer it. Her best friend is coming into town for the weekend. Yipee, all good, but when she hangs up her cellphone, she goes back to her land line and the line is dead, so she has to go find her other client’s phone number.

Art by Charlie WaldronShe suddenly hears a loud crash, but doesn't realize it's the sound of her plans and goals being dashed against the wall yet again, and goes about her morning.

Back in the office she finds the phone number, goes back into the kitchen to find the phone, and the UPS guy knocks for a signature. The phone rings again. It’s her client. She goes to the front door, signs for the UPS guy while confirming her appointment with her client knowing she needs to find her calendar but really can’t take the time, heaves the UPS box into the living room.

She moves back into the kitchen to make her cup of tea and realizes she never turned the stove on to boil the water in the tea kettle, so she turns on the stove and decides to pack her son’s karate stuff and get it ready well before school pickup at 3 p.m. She sets the bag at the front door, goes back into the kitchen to grab an apple and a stack of mail that needs attention and heads back into her office and back to her project. She sits for a moment trying to remember what she named her document and which folder she saved it in. The tea kettle whistles. It’s now 11 a.m. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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