"I know I Should Negotiate but I'm Just Not that Motivated by Money"

But I'm just not motivated by money.png

Let’s say a company worth $40 billion or even $4 million wants to hire you as a UX manager or a director of communications, or the VP of customer experience. And let’s also say we’re working together and you say, “I know I’m supposed to negotiate, but, you know, I’m just not that motivated by money.”

And Then I Ask a Few Illegal Questions

Are you married?
Do you have children?
How old are you?

I do that because we women so often don't take the long view. We tend to think that if our partner makes good bank we don’t need to be that greedy at the negotiation table. We want to be perceived as being all about the right fit, right culture, right experience.

And that’s good. Your company cares about that too. But your company is much more invested in your potential to make money, save money, increase productivity, build reputation, etc. They are interested in how your unique strengths and skills and future potential will add to their bottom line.

So Why Aren’t You Invested in YOUR Bottom Line?

Stuff happens, people. The Three D’s: Death. Divorce. Disability. If you discount your value or allow yourself to be lowballed, would you be able to carry on as usual?

My Message to You is to Take The Long View

Women, statistics tell us you will outlive your partner. And as my business partner likes to say, “You are a store of value, and your shelves are stocked full.” Go make bank while you can and don’t apologize for it. Own your value. And start creating your strategic plan for your next right move NOW, rather than wait until you get an offer you have to dig your way out of.