Find Your Passion? The First Gate is Fear


Think of the surgeon first putting scalpel to patient. Think of the attorney first appearing before a jury. Think of the marketing guru landing her first corporate client.

It took me more than 25 years to find my own passion. Consulting with women to help them crush their pay gap. Everything I learned as a commercial litigator - strategy, tactics, anticipating push backs, persuasive speech, how to keep underground storage tanks from leaking ("cathodic protection") - enables me to help you navigate the best deal of your career.

Here's the passionate part about what I do now.

There’s no one on the other side who is equally (or more) able to convince, persuade, cajole or bully into submission.

Just me and you. My strategy. Your voice.

You may not be brilliant the first time you ask for 30-50% more in compensation, but you have me in your back pocket.

My most recent court victory was in a $250 million dispute about toxic waste in every Canadian province. If I can learn enough to win that, you can learn enough to negotiate a much better deal.

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