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Jamie Lee

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All good things must come to an end and She Negotiates speaking and workshop offerings are two of them.

I’ve been speaking about negotiation, first to lawyers and then primarily to women, since 2004 when I started my first (now defunct) mediation business Settle It Now Dispute Resolution Services. That’s fifteen years, only ten years short of my commercial litigation career. I learned so much “teaching” women and lawyers, all of whom taught me more than I could possibly teach them. They confided their business challenges and conflict imbroglios in me, as well as sharing the ins and outs of the work they do, giving me a broad range of business knowledge I would never have picked up as a literature major followed by law school.

But my teaching days are over. Consulting with highly motivated entrepreneurs, executives, senior managers and professionals is what dear departed Joseph Campbell called my “bliss.” I used to say, “I’ll follow my bliss when I figure out what the heck it is,” rather cynically and mordantly. I didn’t know that I’d need all my life and career experience to find it. Thought I’d just missed the “bliss” boat. But whattayaknow . . . it turned out to be negotiation consulting. A big surprise to someone who left Getting to Yes on her book shelf for twenty years out of fear that she’d be shown wanting and unteachable.

But that’s the story about me and what I want you to know is the story about Jamie Lee who spent some time as a coach, speaker and workshop leader here at She Negotiates. Let me tell it in her own words.

I call New York City my home, and I was born in South Korea, where negotiating is part of daily life. From a very early age, I learned that there's always more if you ask well.

Then I immigrated to America with my mother and two sisters when I was seven. I learned self-advocacy from my mother who raised three daughters while running a business by herself as an immigrant with limited resources. I learned there is no limit to the value you can create if you work hard, speak up and follow through.

Through a combination of my 15+ years of negotiating on behalf of companies big and small, leading as a manager, my coach training and studying everything I can on transformative leadership and effective communication, I've developed a simple and applicable framework for negotiating and influencing to lead.

Now, working as a negotiation and leadership coach, I've worked with hundreds of women working in male-dominated industries and helped them negotiate with confidence and lead with purpose. I've also led hundreds of experiential workshops with leading organizations looking to develop and grow their people.

I’m pretty proud to say that I did a little mentoring of Jamie, though my former business partner, Lisa Gates, did much more. Jamie runs deep but she is able to deliver transformational negotiation and leadership principles with skill and simplicity. If you need a speaker or workshop leader, you couldn’t do better than to hire Jamie Lee.