Dance Like No One is Competing


Because they aren’t

They’re helping

I’ve been promoting the services of from the first day I visited its website.

My lawyer husband, who still sees the world from a win-lose perspective asked me why I was doing that.

Aren’t they the competition?

No, darling. They help my clients get what they need and that’s what my clients pay me for. Help. Why would I deprive them of the least expensive and most helpful information available from the source I trust the most?

But, but, but, he protested but I just left it there because what’s the point of arguing when what I’m doing is not arguing anymore. Not even trying to convince people I’m right, which is after all, pretty much the entirety of a lawyer’s job. Fortunately, I’m no longer in the adversarial justice game and can seek mutual benefit instead of mutually assured destruction.

What a relief!

All that said, below are the reasons why everyone reading this post (or this newsletter since the post does double duty) should head on over to 81cents to find out just how big their wage gap is. Because the question isn’t whether women are in a wage gap. The question is “by how much.”


The best advice for your buck

I send all my clients to before I begin my consulting services. Some of its reports are so good, so thorough, so insightful and so immediately actionable, that these clients might not even come back to me (though so far they always have).

Here’s what does that no generic report from any of the free generic on-line compensation reports can give you.

Crowdsourced Feedback and Advice

[81cents] curate[s] advice and insights from recruiters and seasoned hiring managers in your field and city. Each report comes with feedback from at least 4 expert reviewers.

A Customized Action Plan

81cents’ expert reviewers outline a proposed plan of action — how they’d approach your annual review or new offer negotiation if they were you.

Recruiter-Vetted Best Practices

Each report includes best practices sourced from negotiation coaches and vetted by experienced recruiters as well as negotiations professors from Berkeley and Harvard.

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after you learn your market value

start your raise and promotion plan here

What about She Negotiates?

After you learn your market value and the reasons why you should ask for a raise, you’ll need a strategic plan to get the best deal available. We do that and frankly we don’t know of any other company that provides what we do. A written plan containing your first proposal coupled with concessions and responses to push backs, together with scripts and role plays that will take you every step of the way to your goal.

Choose from one of our new flat-fee packages because after 39 years (!!!!) of billing by the hour as a litigator, mediator, arbitrator and consultant, I’ve finally broken the back of a practice that measures value by the amount of time it takes me to do something rather than by the value of the goods delivered ~ promotions and compensation that will last a lifetime.

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