Salary Negotiation FAQs

What's my favorite part of salary negotiation consulting? Glad you asked! 

It's seeing clients ask for what feels like a ridiculous amount of money...

And seeing them own the power they have to create value, to articulate that value and to price it high. 

Once they get this part right, the rest and the outcome are just details. Extra $12K in the starting offer. One door closing and another opening to an opportunity with nearly double the salary. Standing taller and speaking in a comfortable voice with uncowed openness and confidence. 

She Negotiates clients are savvy risk takers, accomplished women and men who invest in their future success and follow through with action. To boot, they have a great sense of humor and clarity of mind to not tie their income to their self-worth.

From us She Negotiates consultants they learn how to anchor high and anchor first. They totally get that playing it safe don't take them far. And far do they go, when they bravely step into their negotiations and make ballsy asks

Curious about salary negotiation FAQs? 

You got questions, we got expert-tested suggestions: 

If you got other, more pressing questions, you got options: 


She Negotiates subscriber Kathlyn Hart interviewed yours truly for her podcast. I shared some painful lessons learned from botching salary negotiations early in my career (ones you should avoid) and why I always choose courage over comfort. Check out The Big Leap Show.