It's About More Than Just Money: Four Reasons How Learning Mutual Benefit Negotiation Strategies Can Change Your World


Are you feeling underpaid, undervalued, or invisible to the powers that be who, behind closed doors, decide who gets promoted and who gets a raise? 

Maybe you’re fed up with the daily cuts of bias and injustices. 

Or, worse yet, bullied silent by the fear of being disliked or called out as aggressive, angry...difficult. 


I’ve been there. I know how you feel. 

When I worked as a tech startup manager, I felt under-appreciated and stuck in the double bind of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. 

I resented the gender wage gap but was also afraid of gender blowback. My stress was through the roof. 

But some years ago, once I found a connection with She Negotiates, everything changed. 

I stopped playing the victim game. 

I stopped keeping my ambitions small for the benefit of no one - except to serve the voices in my head telling me to stay small, safe and sad (my definition of madness). 

I stopped waiting for the powers that be to award me with raise and promotion without my asking.

So I asked for and got 25% increase in salary, promotion in title and an assistant. 

Learning to negotiate for myself changed my world. Obviously, it also changed my career since I now work as a She Negotiates trainer and coach.

But beyond that, learning to speak up, to ask powerful questions, to say no, to set clear boundaries and to express my value in the world changed me from the inside out.  

That's because underneath the mutual benefit negotiation tactics and strategies that we at She Negotiates teach is a principle, a stand that we take, that challenges common misconceptions about what it means to be an ambitious woman negotiator.  

Which is: That you can be an ambitious, brave AND collaborative negotiator. There is nothing wrong with you. 
You have what it takes to be a communicator who leads through problem-solving, value-creating conversations. 

Not a greedy or selfish haggler. Not manipulative or merely transactional. 
But a leader who is bold, generous and transformational. 

This is possible because the strategies and tactics that She Negotiates teach enables you to 

  1. Speak truth to power so you can stop bias in its tracks and get you heard,
  2. Solve sticky interpersonal problems so you can build bridges instead of burning them,
  3. Create value for both sides of the table so you can get buy-in and their follow-through, and 
  4. Enhance your reputation so you can signal your leadership potential as well as capacity for bigger, better-paying roles. 

You can and should negotiate for a bigger paycheck that earns you more respect. 

But it’s about more than that. It’s never just about the money. 

It’s about you taking a giant leap forward closer to realizing your dreams of entrepreneurship, having a family, or making an impact in the world in a way that only you can. 

And often that step starts with one ask, one conversation. 

So, would you like to learn how to negotiate, influence and lead in a way that is both authentic and powerful? 

If yes, I’d love for you to join me live in January 2018, when I’ll be leading one of our signature events: Strategic Conversations, an experiential learning workshop for ambitious women

The training is five hours of hands-on learning, and I’ll be taking participants through 

  • Three key principles of negotiation that demystify the art and science of negotiating, 
  • Five key leadership practices that are essential for rising above the the ranks and busting bias,  
  • Seven elements of collaborative negotiation that help you get past no and get to yes while improving relationships, and so much more. 

The investment to attend is a fraction of what it would take to work with us one-on-one. It’s also an investment that pays back HUGE dividends in your future negotiations. 

Some attendees apply the skills we teach and increase their job offers by $10K or $20K and more. What would be possible for you? 

Seats are limited to 20 participants. This will be a great opportunity for you to practice and hone your skills in self-advocacy and negotiation so you can close your wage and leadership gap in 2018. 

Hope to see you there