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It's About More Than Just Money: Four Reasons How Learning Mutual Benefit Negotiation Strategies Can Change Your World

You can be an ambitious, brave AND collaborative negotiator. 
You can be a communicator who leads through problem-solving, value-creating conversations. 

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How Negotiation Skills Helped Me Deal with Sexism in the Tech Industry

Here's my truth - I left the tech field, because I couldn't bear the pressure to fold myself into a pretzel to please an all-male management team and to pretend like sexism doesn't exist. 

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Delegation: Part Negotiation, Part Coaching

If you manage people, you may have noticed that you spend quite a bit of time negotiating with people over timelines, deliverables, and accountability regarding a given task. And, perhaps more often than you like, you delegate a task and instead of job done, you get a long list of reasons why the assignment was impossible to accomplish, along with lots of apologies and mea culpas.

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6 skills every graduate needs to master, and yes, laundry is on the list

So, if I were graduating from college right now, I'd empty my head and master six skills:

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