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6 skills every graduate needs to master, and yes, laundry is on the list

So, if I were graduating from college right now, I'd empty my head and master six skills:

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Infiltrating the boy's club
Afraid of Being Replaced if You ask for a Raise?

The loss of human capital cannot be rectified by replacing existing staff (with their good client relations, institutional knowledge and good team relations) with people who must be trained, brought up to speed on company or client projects and integrated into an existing work force.

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The Career Reboot in 21 Books
Imagine these two (paraphrased) research statistics being bookends on a young woman’s “bookshelf of life.” The single biggest predictor of poverty among women is the birth of their first child.

Putting off having children for 10 years doubles a young woman’s lifetime earnings.

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Working for Love AND Money | Your 2013 Mantra
I know deep down you know how valuable you are. You’re smart, you’re fast. You’re well loved. You have degrees and credentials. And experience. You can look back on your career and tick off a passel of accomplishments. You are a store of value and the shelves are stocked full. So why are you:
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Women, Got Negotiation Pessimism?
You’d think that all our cultural conditioning to be fair, unselfish, accommodating and collaborative would show up in our language and our conversations in a positive way. With an upswing at the end of our sentences. But it doesn’t because we’re burying our potential and it’s inauthentic.

That downswing in our voices belies our fears limiting beliefs.

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Best Practices: Help them Grow or Watch them Go
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go is a tremendously timely new book that just might launch a “coaching culture” revolution in organizations desperate to attract and retain talent, and remain competitive.
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Why Too Much Preparation Will Kill a Good Negotiation
Too much preparation and thinking can kill the actor’s connection with other actors, and impair his/her ability to respond authentically in the moment. The actor needs to toss the mechanics and perform—interact with other characters and the audience—to realize the full potential of the play.

It’s the same with negotiation. While the process is full of planning and at the table strategies and tactics, it is primarily a communication discipline in which the craft disappears in favor of conversation.

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