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How to Negotiate Authentically When You Have No Idea What You're Doing
When we wake up from our negotiation slumber, we start recognizing that we've been negotiating all our lives and doing a pretty bang up job of it. When we REALLY wake up and learn the basics of negotiation, we become toddlers again. We run into things, bang up our shins and bonk our negotiation noggins. We struggle to find ways to authentically negotiate and put our new negotiation toys into practice.
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Women, Got Negotiation Pessimism?
You’d think that all our cultural conditioning to be fair, unselfish, accommodating and collaborative would show up in our language and our conversations in a positive way. With an upswing at the end of our sentences. But it doesn’t because we’re burying our potential and it’s inauthentic.

That downswing in our voices belies our fears limiting beliefs.

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Why Too Much Preparation Will Kill a Good Negotiation
Too much preparation and thinking can kill the actor’s connection with other actors, and impair his/her ability to respond authentically in the moment. The actor needs to toss the mechanics and perform—interact with other characters and the audience—to realize the full potential of the play.

It’s the same with negotiation. While the process is full of planning and at the table strategies and tactics, it is primarily a communication discipline in which the craft disappears in favor of conversation.

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