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6 skills every graduate needs to master, and yes, laundry is on the list

So, if I were graduating from college right now, I'd empty my head and master six skills:

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parents, maybe a liberal arts degree is not such a bad thing

We want our daughters to be happy and love the work they do. But passion and value don’t have to be mutually exclusive. No matter if your daughter is angling toward Warner Brothers or Ringling Brothers, learning to negotiate a first salary is a skill that will continue to produce benefits across all levels of life far beyond the first negotiation.

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Women, Got Negotiation Pessimism?
You’d think that all our cultural conditioning to be fair, unselfish, accommodating and collaborative would show up in our language and our conversations in a positive way. With an upswing at the end of our sentences. But it doesn’t because we’re burying our potential and it’s inauthentic.

That downswing in our voices belies our fears limiting beliefs.

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