Fearless Asking #1: What's Your Higher Purpose? (video)

Welcome to the first installment of mini boot camp: Fearless Asking. 

The three core principles behind Fearless Asking are: 

  1. There's nothing wrong with you. You might be saying, "But you don't understand. I make mistakes all the time. There's definitely something wrong with me." What you do and what are ARE are different. And you are whole and worthy, no matter what you do. 
  2. You are naturally creative and resourceful. Everyone is, by nature. Because human creativity is unlimited, your future potential is unlimited. I think that's really exciting. 
  3. There's always room in the budget for more. This was a piece of advice I heard a woman give to another woman, and I tell the story in the video above. If you ask well by framing for mutual benefit, there will always be more. It's a perspective of abundance and possibility. 

According to the dictionary, the definition of "fearless" is to be bold, brave and calmly resolute. 

To get that point where we are brave and calmly resolute, I think we need to first get clear on what our purpose is for asking. 

So for this exercise, I invite you to grab a piece of paper and pen and ask yourself the simple question: What's my higher purpose for making that ask? 

For example, you might want to ask for a raise. 

So ask what's the purpose of getting a raise? 

Answer might be: "So that I can pay off my student loans and afford rent." 

Then ask the question again: What's the purpose of paying off student loans and affording rent? 

Answer might be: "So I can live a comfortable life." 

Ask the question again and again until you are clear on the higher purpose, or the WHY behind your ask. 

Does your WHY connect with your higher purpose for showing up to contribute and to lead in the world? 

If not, no problem. If yes, I invite you to imagine the possibilities that your asking can unlock. 

Let's get clear, because clarity is power.

Let's get inspired by what's possible, because your potential is unlimited.