The 21 Reasons Why You Must Ask for Everything Under the Sun

What are you craving? Balance again? Seriously? What about purpose? Joy? Organization? Flex? Productivity? A great oatmeal cookie? A belly laugh? Health? Happiness? A job? A raise? Children? Vacation? Savings? Lung capacity? Fresh air? Conversation?

I can't name everything under the sun, but everything under the sun that you want is up to you. It's all up to you. You have to create it. Negotiate for it. So brilliant women, that means you have to ask.

So here are 21 reasons you must ask for everything under the sun:

  1. If you don't set boundaries around the way you spend your time someone else will do it for you and you won't like it.
  2. If you don't ask for what you want, someone will assume what you want, and your complaint meter will rise commensurate with your lack of asking.
  3. If you settle for a J-O-B you don't like, what good is flextime?
  4. What good is a stellar career and gazillions in the bank if you have no friends or family at the end of the road?
  5. If you keep asking but how? you're not really serious. Ask for help.
  6. If you don't study the masters, you'll continue to paint by numbers.
  7. If you don't say no to the guy with the scissors and a comb-over, you'll get a haircut just like his.
  8. If you don't order french toast, you'll get milk toast.
  9. If you don't sit on the planning committee, you'll get another strip mall.
  10. If you don't hone your leadership skills, your co-workers will annoy you.
  11. If you want redwoods and begonias you'll have to move out of Mojave.
  12. If you want love, start by being lovable.
  13. If you don't listen, people won't hear you.
  14. When you say "that's just the way it is," it's time to get out.
  15. When you say "I have no choice" it's a red flag warning for the exact opposite.
  16. When you sing your own praises, it wakes people up.
  17. When you sing your own praises and list your accomplishments, people listen.
  18. When you sing your own praises and list your accomplishments and ask for what you want, people say yes. 
  19. When you get what you want, people follow your lead.
  20. When people follow your lead, they feel loved, heard, satisfied, honored and compensated. 
  21. When people are loved, heard, satisfied, compensated and honored, families, communities, workplaces and countries thrive.

Asking for what you want changes everything.

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